Hey! I'm Andy, founder of Maker Gangs.

TL;DR: Maker Gangs aims to enable everyone to build startups with anyone from anywhere. Why waste your time making pointless portfolio projects when you could be building your skills, resume, and network working on real products with cool people?

In 2020 (yikes, what a year...) I decided to make a career change from sales to software development.

After a year of early mornings, late nights, and isolated weekends spent coding, I felt like I was ready to make the jump.

I wasted months applying to hundreds of jobs, got just one interview, and didn't get hired.

I couldn't get a job because I didn't have experience...but I couldn't get experience because I didn't have a job. It was a catch-22.

Luckily, there were a few people in my network trying to get startups going. I spent a few years working for them, built my skills and resume, and eventually landed the higher-paying role I had set out for.

I was fortunate to have those connections, but not everyone is so lucky. Many developers and designers with great potential get stuck in tutorial hell or portfolio project purgatory.

The aim of Maker Gangs is enable everyone to realize their creative and career potential by providing the opportunity to build startups with anyone from anywhere.

Whether you're an aspiring or experienced developer, designer, marketer, product or sales person, you'll be able to start and join teams and build your skills, resume, and network as you build real products.

Hell, maybe you'll build a product that takes off and ensures you never need a "real" job again.

I hope you decide to get in on the action, and I can't wait to see what we all build together.

- Andy